About Us

ALS Societies across Canada are nine independent charitable organizations dedicated to helping Canadians living with amyotrophic laterals sclerosis (ALS) in each respective province. Together, we offer services and equipment programs to aid in providing a quality of life to individuals managing their journey through this disease.  Together we invest in nation-wide Canadian ALS research through the ALS Canada Research Program to fund the most promising research that can slow down the progression of ALS or even stop it. Presently, ALS is terminal. It’s our mission to help change the reality of this disease and support yearly, the 2,500-3,000 Canadians living with ALS .

About ALS Canada Research Program
The ALS Canada Research Program aims to accelerate research impact through a comprehensive national program focused on translating scientific discoveries into treatments for ALS and fostering Canada’s strong and networked ALS research community to build capacity and collaboration. Support for the ALS Canada Research Program is made possible by the generosity of donors, the ALS Societies across Canada, who donate 40% of the proceeds from the WALK For ALS and in 2014, gave $11.5 million from the funds raised through the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to the national research program, providing an opportunity to partner with Brain Canada and the federal government’s Canada Brain Research Fund.