• Start Today! The sooner you begin, the more people you can attract, and the more funds you will raise. By starting early you will also allow time for follow-up. (did you know that most people will donate if they are sent a friendly reminder?)
  • Set a Fundraising Goal! Set an ambitious, yet realistic goal to show your supporters that you mean business. Your goal will inspire your supporters, as they will want to help you achieve your goal. Once you reach your goal, set a new one…. reach for the sky!
  • Donate to yourself first! You should be the one to set the stage, and others will follow. By making the first donation you are telling your donors that this cause is important to you, and more often than not they will follow suit.
  • Build a donor list! Take a few minutes to develop a list of people to approach, and be sure to include family, extended family, friends, teammates, co-workers, your boss, book club members, neighbours, people you have supported in the past …. and the list goes on.
  • Be proud! Many people get asked a lot… we all do, BUT this cause is important to you and if nothing else you are sharing your story and creating awareness. No one will be upset by being asked, and if they don’t want to give this time round, they do not have to. Be a proud fundraiser!
  • Make it personal! Be sure to tell your story, and share why funding ALS research and support services is important to you. Update your personal page on with your own story and be sure to add some photos as well. People need to know what and why they are giving.
  • Ask again! If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. If someone does not respond on the first ask don’t be deflated… most people are busy and intent to donate at a later date. Many people forget, so a friendly reminder will go a long way.
  • Say Thank You! Make sure to personally thank people who donate to your WALK. If you can, thank them right way. After the WALK be sure to share a photo from WALK day and share your success. This will go a long way, and help your efforts the following year.